Your Property Search

Your Bel Air Homes Agent has visited every property that we have for sale, so we can save buyers plenty of time searching for properties, and buyers can avoid wasting time viewing properties that do not meet their requirements.

Once we know your search criteria, we can offer you our best possible service.

Location Of The Property

It is a good idea for buyers to search for property across a wide area of Brittany to have the best possible choice of properties, rather than a specific location, unless it is important to live close to a certain town for example.

It is also important for buyers to let us know if a rural, village, or town location would better suit their lifestyle, whether they require local services such as schools, or if they have any specific requirements such as not wanting close neighbours.

Style Of The Property

Brittany has several styles of property built at diffferent periods in time for buyers to choose from, including longères built from stone, rural properties or town houses built from stone or from concrete blocks, néo-bretonne houses built from concrete blocks, and new builds.

Something to suit everyone’s taste and requirements really.

Size Of The Property

The required size of a property to consider will depend on such criteria as its living space (surface habitable), and the number of bedrooms, receptions, and bathrooms needed. Buyers should also consider whether they require a loft area, a basement, or outbuildings, and very importantly how much land they would like.

Property is relatively inexpensive in Brittany, so buyers do have a wide range of options open to them.

Condition Of The Property

Properties are available in a variety of conditions, from complete renovation projects, to properties with little or nothing to do, so buyers will make their property search much easier if they decide how much work they are prepared to do, or have carried out by professionals at their new property, in advance of any viewings.


Estate agents in France, including Bel Air Homes, are required to advertise properties with their commission included. Bel Air Homes has a very low rate of commission of just 2.5% (minimum 2 500 Euros), while some of the high commission estate agencies may charge as much as 10% commission.

This is one reason why the same property can appear for sale at different asking prices on different estate agents’ websites. Therefore one important thing for a buyer to consider when deciding upon the budget for a property purchase, is how much they are prepared to spend on agency commission.

There are also fees to pay to the notaire when purchasing property. These are sometimes known as notaire’s fees, but the biggest proportion of this fee is a registration fee payable to the French state. Buyers should allow around 5.50% to 10.50% of the purchase price in Brittany for these fees.

There are no other costs for buyers when purchasing a property, except of course for the cost of any improvements that they may choose to make.

Making An Offer

Your Bel Air Homes Agent will negotiate the sale of the property with vendors and buyers. Offers can be subject to certain conditions, such as the need to obtain mortgage finance for example.

Buyers should be in a position to purchase property before making an offer, as once a vendor has accepted an offer, they cannot accept another. Buyers should therefore have the funds available from the sale of a property or from savings, or have the agreement of their bank that mortgage finance will be available before making an offer on a property.

A formal mortgage agreement cannot be made by a bank until after the compromis de vente, or promesse de vente has been signed though.

It may therefore be difficult for buyers to have an offer accepted by a vendor if they need to fund the purchase with the sale of another property.


If you need any help, require further information, have a property to sell, or are searching for a property to buy, please do not hesitate to contact us.




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